Frostastadavatn in Iceland

A car rental like no other

Discover Iceland on your terms in our modified Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rover Defenders. We offer fantastic rates and excellent service through our partner, Europcar Iceland.

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  • Our modified Toyota Land Cruisers have 33" tires and a snorkel
  • You can rent our SUVs with a rooftop tent, during the summer; cutlery, gas stove, tables and chairs plus sleeping bags are included, along with an electronic cooling box
  • If you book seven days or more, a Zoom call to plan our trip, is included
  • A unique online itinerary is included in all rentals
  • You can opt-in for a Starlink antenna for full connectivity, everywhere
  • We are one of the very few car rentals in Iceland that offer bike racks for a small fee
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  • Europcar Iceland is our partner and service provider
  • This means you have the best possible 24/7 roadside assistance in Iceland
  • A network of locations across the country in case of emergency
  • Europcar desk in Keflavik airport is conveniently located in the arrival hall
  • A shuttle to and from Europcar Motorhomes Center is included in the rental
  • Office hours are 08:00 - 18:00, seven days a week. Pick-up during off hours can be arranged, for a fee


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Frostastadavatn in Iceland
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