Easter greeting


Easter greeting

A few words from our founder; 


For many who have not visited Iceland, it is an idea about something special. It may be the bright summer nights, the geothermal pools, some of which are even just by the side of the road while driving in the mystical landscape, or the high-end spas that cater to those who prefer a bit more luxury while winding down after watching whales jump up from the North Atlantic, by the horizon. 


Many know the famous phrase, Iceland is green and Greenland is ice, which is true even though we have the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull Glacier. It's also a land where you can experience all types of weather in one hour, such as the elements we Icelanders live with daily.


If you ask me what it is to be an Icelander, it is perseverance—the capability to adapt to nature at its rawest form, to survive the tremendous volcano eruptions of past centuries, to go out on the ocean in all types of weather in open boats to feed your family in nothing but sheep wool and animal skin layers against the freezing cold and storm. 


Icelanders are exceptionally proud of their island, which has caused much strain and harm but is beautiful beyond comparison. There is no island like Iceland, and this contrast in nature inspires creativity. Iceland prides itself on world-famous artists in music and other creative spaces. We have writers who keep us up during the long winter nights, reading novels that have been translated into multiple languages. 


There is a saying that most people born and raised on islands are odd, eccentric, and wild. This is true, but we are also very welcoming and good hosts. So, with that in mind, I want to wish you all an amazing Easter holiday.


I hope you will visit Iceland one day and that we at Off to Iceland can be part of your experience. 


Björn Steinbekk