A Day In The Westfjords


A Day In The Westfjords

Nestled in the northwest corner of Iceland, the Westfjords remain one of the island's most pristine and untouched regions. This area, known for its dramatic landscapes and tranquil beauty, offers visitors a chance to explore the wilder side of Iceland. Among the region's highlights is Kjaransbraut, a rugged road that carves its way between Þingeyri and Arnarfjörður, presenting an unforgettable journey through the heart of the Westfjords of Iceland.


The Journey Begins: Kjaransbraut

Kjaransbraut is not just a road; it's a testament to human determination and the enchanting allure of Icelandic nature. Partially constructed by a single man, Elís Kjaran Friðfinnsson, in the summer of 1973, this route stretches approximately 50 kilometers, offering awe-inspiring views and a sense of isolation that's increasingly rare in today's world. Traversing Kjaransbraut, travelers encounter the raw, unfiltered beauty of the Westfjords, with each turn revealing breathtaking vistas of fjords, mountains, and the vast Atlantic.

Starting from Þingeyri, a charming village known for its rich history and vibrant community, adventurers can embark on this journey through the Westfjords of Iceland, experiencing the untamed nature and serene landscapes that define this region.


Nearby Attractions: Enrich Your Westfjords Adventure

While Kjaransbraut is a remarkable experience, the surrounding area is dotted with attractions that make for a perfect day trip in the Westfjords. Here are some must-visit spots:


Dynjandi Waterfall

One of the Westfjords' most iconic landmarks, Dynjandi, is a majestic cascade that resembles a bridal veil. Its grandeur and unique appearance make it a favorite among photographers and nature enthusiasts. Located in Arnarfjörður, Dynjandi is a series of waterfalls with a cumulative height of 100 meters, and its widest point stretches to 60 meters. The sound of the falling water, surrounded by nature's silence, creates an almost mystical atmosphere.


Hrafnseyri Museum

Near the endpoint of Kjaransbraut is Hrafnseyri, the birthplace of Jón Sigurðsson, a leader of Iceland's independence movement. The museum offers insight into Iceland's struggle for independence and the life of one of its most revered figures. It's an excellent stop for history buffs and those interested in learning more about Icelandic culture and heritage.


The Village of Þingeyri

Before or after your journey on Kjaransbraut, take some time to explore Þingeyri. This village is not only the starting point for our featured route but also a place rich in history and culture. It's home to one of Iceland's oldest trading places, established in the 18th century. Today, Þingeyri is a vibrant community where visitors can enjoy local cuisine, explore artisan shops, and learn about traditional Icelandic crafts.


Sea Kayaking in the Fjords

For the more adventurous, sea kayaking in the fjords offers an unparalleled perspective on the beauty of the Westfjords. Paddle through the calm waters of Dýrafjörður or Arnarfjörður, and you're likely to encounter a variety of marine life, from seals to seabirds. The tranquility of the fjords, combined with the physical activity, makes this an invigorating and unforgettable experience.


Preparing for Your Trip

Traveling through the Westfjords requires some preparation. The weather in Iceland can be unpredictable, so dress in layers and be prepared for all conditions. While Kjaransbraut is accessible during summer, it's wise to check road conditions before your trip. Also, given the remote nature of this region, ensure your vehicle is well-equipped for gravel roads, and consider bringing extra food and water.



A journey through the Westfjords of Iceland, especially along Kjaransbraut, offers a glimpse into the soul of this magnificent country. It's a region where nature reigns supreme, and human presence is but a whisper against the grandeur of the landscapes. From the thunderous beauty of Dynjandi Waterfall to the tranquil waters of the fjords, a day trip in the Westfjords is a journey through some of Iceland's most breathtaking and lesser-known attractions. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking solace in the beauty of the wild, the Westfjords of Iceland beckon with open arms, promising an adventure that will linger in your memory for a lifetime.