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Be one with nature when off to Iceland

Rent a
Toyota Land Cruiser

Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland in style, driving our modified Toyota Land Cruiser tailored for Iceland's challenging terrain. Our modified Land Cruiser rental car is your key to unlocking the extraordinary beauty of Iceland.

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What makes us special

Our fleet is custom-made to enhance your Iceland experience. This includes:


  • All our cars are on 33" tires and have increased height from the ground.
  • They all have snorkels, so crossing those highland rivers becomes easy and comfortable.
  • They come equipped with rooftop tents during summer, so chasing that midnight sun becomes easy.
  • Camping gear, including cutlery and a small stove, along with chairs and a table, is included.
  • For a modest fee, sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets are available during summer.
  • To be fully connected, if roaming the highlands of Iceland, you can opt-in for a Starlink antenna during the booking process.
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Its all in the details

Off To Iceland strives to offer second-to-none service for any car rental in Iceland. That includes that when you book one of our modified Toyota Land Cruiser, the following is included:


  • Online itineraries for all parts of Iceland.
  • If booking seven days or more, we offer a 15-minute Zoom call to help you further plan your Icelandic adventure.
  • We offer standard insurance with all rentals but encourage you to explore added insurance when booking.
  • Lastly, your booking comes with a promo code for leading Icelandic activity companies.

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