Mt. Lómagnúpur

Lomagnupur is 688 m high palisades that towers over ring road 1, west of Nupsvotn, on Skeidararsandur.  The spectacular surroundings of Nupsstadir and Lomagnupur are well known. The area reaches from the ocean, over the black sands, to Vatnajokull glacier.

At Nupsstadir are remarkable old buildings that are believed to be typical for farms in Iceland in past centuries. The most noteworthy of these is the chapel, one of few remaining turf churches in Iceland. Its believed that the chapel is mostly from a church that was built around 1650. The church was abandoned in 1765, though religious observance was never entirely abandoned. The chapel was used as an outhouse for a while. In 1930 the chapel was proclaimed inviolate, and in 1961 it was re-consecrated.

The area around Lomagnupur is well known for its steep hills, glaciers and volcanic activities. There are numerous options for accommodation for travellers along with hiking trails and beautiful sites to visit.